Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stand By Caffe Skopje Macedonia, FRY

Stand By Caffe

Stand By Caffe
Nova Gold D.O.O.E.L
Bul. "K.J. Pitu" br. 28, lam.3 lok.1,21.449132&spn=0.009505,0.027637&z=15

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Nice place with leather couches and
you can site outside.
Good coffe, not far from the bus / trainstation of skojpe.

Free wireless lan, password you get when you buy a coffee.
Remember that they spell things strange here so ask them to type it in.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restaurant and Pizzeria Orion

Restaurant and Pizzeria Orion
Kroni i Bardhe Dardani, Prishtine, Kosovë
044 282 999

They have very good cafe and service. Deliver to your office.

Map Link :,21.156554&spn=0.000588,0.001727&t=h&z=19&msid=106251453359390055134.000469dbf3d188e019c15>

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Restaurant Pizzaria Agora

Restaurant Pizzaria Agora

Nice chain of seven Pizzerias and fast food places across Kosovo founded in 1992.
I had the Pizza Agora and was very happy with it, it had everything on it. Different meats, peppers, olives etc. Very nice.

Prices :
  • Tuna Sandwich 2.00 €.
  • Pizza Margarita Large 2.50€.
  • Pizza Agora Large 3.50€

Rr Kurriz, 15/7

Pictures pending.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EX Restaurant Prishtinë +386 44 15 70 39

I had lunch in a very fine restaurant called "EX" it looks like a french bistro.
Fine wood floors, nice bar. Very well designed.


The advertising says :
"The best steak in town
Mexican Food and much more....!
Indian Curries
Thai Noodles
Every week a different lunch from 2-6 Euros
Food is love
love we serve
Ex-Perience restaurant
where food fantasies come true.
No reservation, we hear you coming.

Ex Restaurant
Tel. +386 44 15 70 39
Tel. +386 44 55 77 00

Rr. Fahmi Agani
next to Stefanell
Next to OSCE. Police HQ and Ambulanta.

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